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Tips To Help Prevent Mold

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Tips To Help Prevent Mold

Water damage and mold growth in Jackson Township, Ohio are two problems that are not uncommon in homes. They can cause a lot of damage and be very costly to fix. Because of this, you want to do everything in your power to prevent them. Knowing the signs of their existence are also important so that you can catch them before they get too bad.

Quick Tips To Prevent the Growth of Mold

Preventing mold is a priority that every homeowner should have, and there are a number of tips that you can use to reduce the risk of mold happening in your home:

Keep humidity levels under control
Fix any plumbing issues as soon as you notice them
Make sure that you control all of your clutter
Ensure that your home has proper ventilation and air flow
Immediately cleanup any water or other wet items when a spill happens

Knowing the Signs of Water Damage

Since water damage is a very common cause of mold, it is important that you know how to spot it. Remember that this type of damage is not always obvious. The following are considered to be common signs of this issue:

There are unpleasant odors due to stagnate water somewhere in your home
You can see mold growing somewhere
You notice that paint is peeling somewhere in your home, especially on drywall since moisture can make the paint lose adhesion
You start to notice stains on your ceilings and walls
The flooring in your home is wet, has an odd smell or is starting to lose its integrity
Your ceilings or walls are sagging

Make sure that you make note of this information. If you notice any water damage or mold growth, it is imperative that you immediately take action. With mold, preventing it from happening in the first place is the easiest way to help protect the integrity of your home. Visit for more information on mold damage.

3 Things To Do After a Home Fire

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3 Things To Do After a Home Fire

A home fire can be an emotionally and financially devastating event. There are many things to accomplish after disaster strikes. If you're unsure where to begin, consider these three crucial fire restoration tasks. Completing these steps can get you started on recovering your livelihood and peace of mind.

1. Call Your Insurance Company

If you have homeowners insurance, your plan might cover some of the costs involved in getting your home back to livable condition. Fire insurance on top of a general policy can be even more beneficial. Before attempting any repairs, call your insurance company to let your agent know about the fire and inquire about potential financial assistance.

2. Consult With the Experts

Enter your home alone and you might encounter heavy fumes and unsanitary debris. Recruiting professional fire restoration experts in Jackson Township, Ohio is a great way to stay safe and ensure the repair of your home is in good hands. Professionals can work on homes after all types of fires, accurately assess the damage and utilize advanced methods to get your residence back to pre-fire condition.

3. Board Up Windows

During the smoke cleaning process, you probably won't be staying at your residence. This leaves it vulnerable to threats, especially theft. Troublemakers might see a fire as an opportunity to loot your property, and they might look for ways to enter other than your front door. Boarding up your windows is a quick and effective way to keep them out.

Professionals can use plywood and clamps to cover your windows. Intruders won't be able to unscrew the material to enter your home. If you're still worried after getting your windows boarded, you might also consider temporarily removing all valuables from your home.

Following these three tips can eliminate some of the stress resulting from a home fire. Proper fire restoration can get you on the road to living comfortably again in Jackson Township, Ohio in a short amount of time. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Don’t Underestimate What Heavy Rains Can Do to Your Business

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Don’t Underestimate What Heavy Rains Can Do to Your Business

As a commercial property owner in Jackson Township, Ohio you likely have several concerns when storms and heavy rains occur. Weak roofs, leaky basements and flash floods can all damage your property. However, there is another type of damage you could experience that is far more harmful than any of those: a sewer backup into buildings during storms. This is a concern that some people are unaware of, but you can better protect your property by understanding the risks.

It’s the Most Toxic

Everything that is dumped down a drain or flushed down a toilet goes into sewage. Human waste, grease, chemicals and many other harmful substances run through your sewage system, making it incredibly toxic to humans. When sewage mixes with rain water and backs up into your business property, it contaminates not only everything it touches, but also the air. This unsanitary liquid is called “black water” by experts, and it’s the most dangerous type of water you can face.

Drying Isn’t Enough

When dealing with sewage water, the clean-up process is complex. Simply removing the water and drying out your belongings doesn’t take care of the contaminants that have now infested your property. While deodorizing may help with lingering unpleasant smells, fragrances won’t kill the germs and toxins that created the odors. That’s why there are sewer backup cleaning standards in place that must be followed before the property can be considered safe.

There Are Experts To Help You

Water restoration experts are trained in black water clean-up standards and have the equipment, supplies, and techniques necessary for the job. Qualified professionals can safely remove the water, dry and deodorize non-porous surfaces that can be saved, as well as treat the air. They can completely assess property damage and inform you of what’s required to make your building safe again. Most importantly, most restoration companies have 24-hour availability because they know it’s critical to act quickly in these situations.

Don’t be caught unaware or unprepared if you have a sewer backup after heavy rains. Awareness of what can happen, and who to turn to if it does, will help any commercial property owner in Jackson Township, Ohio get back to business safely and quickly.
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Obtain Faster Commercial Fire Damage Remediation

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Obtain Faster Commercial Fire Damage Remediation

How can your small business obtain fast commercial fire damage remediation? Today, a growing number of entrepreneurs appreciate the wisdom of hiring a professional commercial fire damage cleaning company to assist them in restoring their premises to a clean, welcoming condition. This process helps ensure a minor electrical fire in outdoor signage or a utility room fire won't continue to cost your business revenue as a result of a slow fire restoration process.

A Business Challenge

Staff members and customers never enjoy the disruption which ensues when a firefighter carrying a fire hose visits a business in response to an activated alarm. The sound of a fire truck speeding forward through traffic reminds many people of the dangers posed by unwelcome calamities. Sadly, even a false alarm may result in damage, since a modern (and highly effective) fire sprinkler system may activate in response to the alarm and drench upholstery and other furnishings in the business.

If an electrical fire or utility room fire blazes even very briefly, the chemicals used in fire suppression technology may join soot damage and smoke damage in creating an unpleasant, acrid odor in the premises. Savvy business owners typically seek to remove signs of fire damage as rapidly as possible. A fire truck offers valuable assistance during a crisis, yet its presence does likely deter some business. Entrepreneurs typically appreciate rapid and thorough fire restoration services!

Why Hiring Professional Commercial Fire Damage Experts Promotes Faster Cleanups

Today, some insurance companies urge businesses which have sustained fire damage to seek fire restoration assistance from specialists. Taking this step may promote much speedier cleanups and fire damage mitigation. Experts trained in the removal of soot damage and smoke damage possess experience cleaning up the traces of a conflagration. If you don't want customers mentally associating your business premises with a fire truck or a firefighter toting a fire hose, removing the odors associated with fire suppression systems, soot damage and smoke damage quickly following a blaze in business premises makes good sense. These unpleasant odors can trigger strong emotional reactions in some customers.

Today, fire restoration firms use well-trained staff members to help clean away the signs of commercial fire damage in businesses. These skilled professionals use specialized cleaning equipment to extract water from carpets, drapes and other furnishings following fire sprinkler system activation in response to false alarms, for instance. If an actual electrical fire or a utility room fire erupts, fire restoration specialists know how to remove soot damage, smoke damage and other signs of fire damage comparatively quickly. They'll assist your business in resuming its normal operations as rapidly as possible.

An Important Point About Fire Sprinkler System Technology

While rapid cleanup with the assistance of experts after a real (or false) fire alarm proves important from a business standpoint, it remains vital to appreciate the valuable role of modern fire suppression technology and to acknowledge the useful service a fire truck and a firefighter provide. While sometimes triggering a fire suppression system accidentally remains unpleasant, not having a fire suppression system in place can permit an unseen utility room fire or minor electrical fire to grow into a genuine catastrophe. The need to clean up rapidly from the consequences of a fire sprinkler system or a fire hose in no way diminishes the importance of these technologies. A brave firefighter carrying a fire hose sometimes saves lives during fire emergencies.

Yet experts in fire mitigation, remediation and restoration have won the respect of many insurance companies. These trained specialists help business owners cope more effectively (and far more quickly) with the consequences of messy fire-related cleanups. If your business sustains a small fire, or even a water-soaked false alarm, don't hesitate to call upon these experienced cleaning experts. They offer a valuable service to businesses desiring rapid recovery!
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The Effects of Fire Damage

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

The Effects of Fire Damage

You may have been advised to enlist the services of a professional fire damage restoration company to carry out a fire cleanup exercise after a fire damage. The advice is sound. Several fire victims do not pay attention to the after-effects of a commercial fire damage, a fire in business or incidents of a fire in home. You may end up incurring more losses after a fire damage through smoke damage and soot damage. Property that could be salvaged may be lost if you take it upon yourself to restore your home or business to its previous state. Here are reasons why you should opt to hire the services of a restoration company.

Peace of Mind

The events of a commercial fire damage, a fire in business or that of a fire in home are catastrophic. If you are a victim of such misfortune, you will need ample time to recover. By taking care of restoring your premises to its previous state, the fire damage restoration team shields you from the burden of the restoration task. Your input will be limited to offering suggestions and paying for the cost.

Saves you Money

Restoring your premises after a fire damage incident costs less when experts in the field are involved. Due to their years of experience in dealing with fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage, they are familiar with the right and less costly fire cleanup and restoration plans. Other than that, the restoration company has access to the necessary equipment required for a fire cleanup. These tools help clean surfaces affected by the smoke damage and the soot damage.

The machines come in handy when cleaning the air of any smoke smell. These apparatus are expensive to acquire and hire especially for those who are not in the fire damage restoration business.

Security Guarantee for your Premises

Professional fire damage restoration entities should operate in a safe and secure environment. As such, the team ensures that there is a board up of the site as a safeguard against looters. The crew also makes certain that there is a board up of the hanging walls and ceilings. After the fire suppression efforts are undertaken, there is the risk of a water damage scenario. Board up of the hallways and passages of the building is, therefore, done. Board up guarantees the safety of the property and the people working on the site.

Restoration of Valuables as Opposed to Discarding

When assessing the damage on belongings, it is easy to discard the ones affected. However, some of the items may have sentimental value. In such situations, discarding may
be too rush a decision to take. You will realize that such possessions fall into the
category of those that can be professionally cleaned and restored. Professional cleaning leaves no trace of any smoke smell, soot damage or smoke damage. Therefore, there is no need to lose valued possessions without cause.

Repairs and Renovations Done at no Extra Cost

Before the restoration company undertakes the project, there is an assessment done. The
report details the extent of the smoke damage, the soot damage, and the fire damage.
Information from this damage assessment informs the repairs to be done. Any adjustments or renovations can be made on the building as long as the cost implication does not exceed the amount quoted in the contract. Such an arrangement may come in handy in commercial fire damage situations and fire in business cases. The building may be renovated to allow easier access in emergency situations.

If you fall victim to a fire in home incident, you could take advantage of this opportunity to make some changes to your house.

Follow up Consultations

Fire damage restoration services do not end with fire cleanup exercises and home or business restoration. Restoration companies go as far as ensuring sure safeguards are in place to best deal with fire emergencies. The team also offers advice on how to manage smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage in fire-related situations.

If you notice a smoke smell, or you are in a commercial fire damage situation, a fire in home or a fire in business scenario, do not attempt any rescue mission. Call for emergency and restoration services from a professional fire restoration company.
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The Benefits of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

The Benefits of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

All of the hurricanes in the news lately have focused many homeowners on the subject of storm damage remediation. The flooding and wind damage resulting from these storms take a terrible toll on a house. Roof damage is an extremely common form of hurricane damage and can end up requiring extensive roof repair. Some people are also in the unfortunate situation of living in flood zones near rivers, and persistent rain storms can cause river flooding that can inundate basements and cause any flood pump you may have to work overtime. Then there is the approach of cold weather as winter gets ever closer and the attendant ice damage, frozen pipes and ice damming that occurs as a result of a fierce snowstorm.

As a homeowner, it is important to understand something about the process of storm remediation. It's also critical to understand that home restoration can be a complicated process depending on the extent of the storm damage especially if it involves roof repair, flood water, hail damage, ice damming, frozen pipes or other ice damage. Professional help is typically going to be required for storm restoration in general and water restoration in particular.

Home restoration professionals have the skills and equipment needed to complete a thorough storm restoration that brings a homeowners house back to the way it was before the storm. A house is one of the biggest investments most people will ever have, and a roof leak or flooding in the basement or other parts of the home from ground water or hurricane damage will cause additional damage over time if it's not handled promptly.

Flooding caused by a hurricane or by a local river flooding over its banks can inundate a home quickly. A water restoration professional has the flood pump equipment that can remove it quickly. They also have what's needed for mold and mildew removal and remediation, which is one of the lingering issues with flooding. They can then do air quality testing and moisture testing to ensure the air is clear and that the job is done. When you factor in having to buy a flood pump or two at a local home supply store and the myriad of other equipment needed to effect a complete home restoration, it can be far less expensive to hire a professional to do the storm remediation.

Wind damage is a particularly common type of hurricane damage and can also be prevalent after a blizzard. Damage to trees can occur, which may jeopardize a home. A professional home restoration company can remove any damaged trees too close to a home before they topple over and damage it. Ice damming is a pernicious form of ice damage that results when ice builds up at the base of a roof, generally in and around the gutters, that blocks the flow of water off the roof. This ice dam will cause roof damage that will likely result in a roof leak if it isn't handled quickly.

Many storm restoration companies include furniture, document and electronics restoration as part of a storm remediation. Flood water is equally destructive to the possessions in a home as it is to the home itself. Whether it's a result of ground water seeping into a basement or river flooding or a roof leak, there's few things as damaging as flood water getting into a home. Hardly any homeowners will have the knowledge and flood pump equipment that a water restoration and storm damage remediation expert will have to get a home back in shape.

One big benefit of going with a storm restoration contractor to handle hurricane damage, river flooding, ground water seepage, hail damage, wind damage or an ice dam is the value of your time. Even if some homeowners felt able to take on such a job themselves, it would probably take weeks to complete even a mildly extensive storm damage remediation, wind damage repair, or flood water restoration project. This time spent on storm damage remediation is time off work, which costs additional money to the homeowner. Additionally, a complete home restoration may involve tasks such as roof repair, fixing frozen pipes and handling an ice dam and any other ice damage as well as fixing hail damage. This means going up ladders to fix the roof leak, remove the ice dam and handling any other roof damage. Some people may not be physically up to that or might consider it too risky.

Roof repair and fixing frozen pipes are particularly tricky for a lay person to handle. Plumbing and roof damage repair are tasks best left to professionals when it comes to storm remediation. They are also adept at doing an inspection beforehand and locating issues such as hail damage and ice damming that will need rectifying. When a homeowner finds their house filled with flood water, whether it's flood water from a storm or ground water, they should do themselves a favor, and let a professional handle it.
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Recent Flooding? Read This!

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Recent Flooding? Read This!

With the recent hurricane events grabbing the public's attention, the specter of flood damage has once again come to the fore of every property owner's mind. Although flood damage that results from external standing water, such as the water damage seen in natural floods or hurricanes, is often among the worst kinds of flood damage, being impossible to restore until the water levels return to normal, this can obscure the fact that the vast majority of water damage in the United States each year comes from internal sources, such as supply line breaks or pipe breaks.

The good news is that supply line breaks, pipe breaks and other sources of flooding that don't result in long-standing external flood waters almost always create water damage that can be 100 percent reversed through professional mitigation and restoration efforts. But this relies on the property owner calling in a professional restoration company as soon as possible.

If a restoration company can arrive on the scene of the flooded home or business within the first 24 hours, there is a nearly 100 percent chance that the flooded home or business will be able to be restored fully to its pre-flood damage condition. However, waiting more than 24 hours to begin the restoration and flood damage mitigation process begins to substantially increase the chance that the flooded home or business will incur lasting and serious damage. Unfortunately, many properties with water damage that do not undergo restoration and mitigation efforts within the first week of the water in the home or water in the business appearing will sustain long term, severe damage. In many cases, this will result in the complete loss of the property.

The professional restoration and mitigation process

Luckily, there is an established process that most restoration companies follow that has been proven over decades to be an effective means of restoring flooded homes or businesses to their prior condition. The most important thing that a property owner who notices water in their home or water in their business can do is to immediately place a call to their local flood restoration company.

The call to the restoration company is made

The first step in the water cleanup process is for the property owner who has noticed water in their business or water in their home to immediately call in a water cleanup team. The professional water cleanup team will often be able to arrive on scene within 30 minutes of the call being placed. This rapid response will ensure that the supply line break or pipe break can be remediated as quickly as possible and that the water cleanup process can begin, before the water has time to seep into structural components and begin seriously damaging the property.

The team arrives

Upon arrival the team will immediately look for the source of the flooding. The supply line break or pipe break will be fixed and the extent of the water in the home or water in the business will be surveyed.

Standing water will be removed

Using industrial-strength vacuum equipment, the team will begin removing all standing water from the premises. This equipment is capable of removing thousands of gallons each hour and so the removal of standing water typically lasts less than one hour.

The drying process will begin

The next step is to begin the drying process. Using heavy-duty drying equipment, the team will be able to raise the temperature of soaked areas to just below their flash point, minimizing the total time involved in drying the property. The drying process is often the longest element of the total cleanup process, usually taking between a few hours and a day.

The team does the final cleanup

This involves cleaning all surfaces and furniture that was flooded. This will ensure that any burgeoning mold growth is stopped in its tracks. The property will now be restored to its original condition.
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Responding Effectively to Commercial Fire Damage

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Responding Effectively to Commercial Fire Damage

Has your business sustained fire damage recently? Every week, around the United States managers face the challenge of responding effectively to commercial fire damage. While most companies drill their employees in fire suppression technologies and instruct them rigorously in the appropriate steps to take following the outbreak of a conflagration, some firms still wholly fail to prepare management to deal with the challenging aftermath of these events.

The Departing Fire Truck Dilemma

Fortunately, the vast majority of fires in businesses remain small in scope. A company's modern fire sprinkler system may rapidly help extinguish a utility room fire in a busy retail establishment, or a blaze resulting from an electrical fire or grease fire in a kitchen. When alarm systems activate and summon local fire crews to the scene, small business owners may feel grateful indeed they spent time teaching employees how to evacuate everyone from the premises safely.

Money spent installing a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression technologies offers a return on investment many times over. Commercial fire damage today frequently remains limited in extent thanks to the development of excellent fire suppression systems. Yet after emergency responders gather up the last remaining fire hose and the final firefighter departs, what steps should employees take next? How should managers respond once the fire truck leaves?

A Pervasive Problem

A small blaze which produces limited, highly contained, fire damage in a business may exact a heavy cleanup toll. Fire sprinkler system activation frequently causes extensive water damage, for instance. Even if a firefighter using a fire hose did not deposit gallons of water inside the interior of the building, fire suppression tools may have produced a minor flooding situation. Water spraying unexpectedly and indiscriminately over carpeting, upholstery and other furnishings creates a mess. While valuable in saving lives, the fire sprinkler system may unleash a deluge.

Additionally, smoke damage and soot damage also pose persistent, challenging cleanup dilemmas for businesses during the aftermath of a conflagration. You don't want these problems to keep reminding your customers and employees that your enterprise suffered a fire. Yet eradicating the lingering signs of a blaze sometimes proves difficult. In the absence of proper cleanup and fire restoration measures, smoke damage and soot damage may remain apparent weeks, months (or even years) later. Eliminating traces of a utility room fire or an electrical fire usually falls well outside the expertise of company personnel. Visitors won't welcome the acrid smell of smoke damage, or expect ugly soot damage still marring the premises.

Professional Fire Restoration: A Timely Solution

Fortunately, today full-time fire restoration experts assist businesses in permanently removing pervasive signs of commercial fire damage. After the last firefighter leaves with his heavy extinguisher and fire hose in tow, and your local fire truck returns to the station, you'll want to instruct your management team to contact a reputable fire restoration expert. Taking this step could save your company thousands of dollars in revenues over the long term.

Full-time fire restoration firms possess the specialized equipment and supplies required to thoroughly extract dirty water from the building. They'll carefully clean away the ugly traces of soot damage and smoke damage, too. Removing fire damage correctly allows your enterprise to respond resiliently after a conflagration. By working closely with an experienced fire restoration professional, you'll safeguard your employees from coming into contact with noxious fire damage residues. Restoration personnel have received training in proper cleanup and remediation procedures.

Smart Planning

Resolve now to implement commercial fire damage restoration protocols as soon as the fire truck leaves. Don't permit an electrical fire or a utility room fire to disrupt your business on a long term basis, or drive customers away. The departure of a firefighter carrying a fire hose simply signals a new chapter in recovering from an electrical fire or utility room fire.
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Professional Storm Damage Restoration Explained

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Storm Damage Restoration Explained

The weather can wreak the worst kinds of havoc on your home. After a severe storm has passed, you may be left to deal with an aftermath that has left your house damaged, dirty, and even unsafe in which to live.

Rather than face the prospect of cleaning up the house by yourself, you can get back to your normal life faster when you retain professional services for storm remediation. Roof repair and storm restoration contractors who specialize in home restoration including cleaning up ground water, river flooding, frozen pipes, ice damage, and more can transform your home from a devastating nightmare back into the cozy haven you intend it to be for you and your family.

Interior Restorations

The most pressing concern you may have after flooding, frozen pipes, ground water, and other types of storm damage has hit your house may center on restoring the inside of your residence. You cannot go back to living among fixtures that have been compromised or destroyed by an ice dam, flood water, a roof leak, river flooding, and other types of storm damage that occurs during heavy storms.

Attempting to use a flood pump for storm restoration yourself can be time consuming, physically draining, and downright dangerous. When you hire professional home restoration services, you get the fast and reliable help you need to deal with flooding emergencies from frozen pipes, ground water, river flooding, or even a devastating roof leak.

Whether the water has come into your house from hurricane damage or the act of a nearby river flooding and flowing out of its banks, it is no match for the services of a company that offers storm remediation. The contractors who come to your home to deal with the flood water can use equipment like a flood pump and other gear to take care of tasks like:

patching minor to major roof damage
removing flood water from carpeting, drapes, and other upholstered surfaces
cleaning residue left behind by hurricane damage
thaw frozen pipes and restore ice damage in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere.

These flood pump and water restoration services as well as others that involve dealing with an ice dam or ice damming come standard with the contractors' professional storm restoration services. They let you effectively deal with the aftermath of flooding, roof damage, ice damage, hurricane damage, and other circumstances over which you had no control.

Exterior Services

Along with dealing with flooding inside of your home, you also may have to worry about any storm damage or hail damage that has been inflicted on the outside of your house as well. You might face cleaning up the aftermath of wind damage that includes roof damage, a noticeable roof leak, hail damage, and ground water that has led to flood water swamping your ditches and yard.

The home restoration and water restoration professionals can use their flood pump to dry out your yard. However, dealing with wind damage that makes roof repair necessary may require a different methods for storm remediation.

Dealing with the wind damage to your roof may require that the storm restoration contractors lay new shingles or tar paper to seal off a roof leak, for example. Other types of roof repair needed after significant roof damage can include hanging new gutters or cleaning out the entire gutter system. Hurricane damage as well as ice damming may invite this type of storm remediation.

Dealing with the wind damage or ice dam to your roof may require that the contractors lay new shingles or tar paper to seal off a roof leak, for example. Other types of roof repair needed after significant roof damage can include hanging new gutters or cleaning out the entire gutter system.

If you are not dealing with wind damage or hail damage but rather ice damming or an ice dam during the winter, you still may find it prudent to hire professional water restoration or home restoration services. Storm damage contractors who specialize in water restoration and home restoration are available year round and know what it takes to effectively handle all types of hail damage, ice damage, ice damming, and more.
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National Preparedness Month

9/10/2017 (Permalink)

Don’t forget that September is National Preparedness Month!

Each September, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sponsors National Preparedness Month  ( to highlight the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. This is good advice for everyone; but for business owners, being prepared to respond to the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters can literally mean the difference between staying in business and closing the doors forever. According to FEMA*, up to 40 percent of businesses never reopen following a major disaster; just a couple of inches of water can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

SERVPRO of NW Stark County has a Preparedness planning tool that can help you know exactly who to call and what to do when disaster strikes. I will work with you on your individualized Emergency READY Profile® (ERP) for your facility, at no charge. This comprehensive document contains critical information about your building, including emergency contact information, shut-off valve locations and priority areas. Having this information in hand helps you and SERVPRO to react to an unexpected event quickly and effectively, to help minimize business interruption. And, because disasters are unexpected, there is a Smartphone app and web version of the Program available to provide you with access to your ERP 24/7. Call SERVPRO of NW Stark County to set up an appointment to discuss this in more detail at 330-497-4600.