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Faster to Any Size Commercial Water Damage in Canton, OH

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Faster to Any Size Commercial Water Damage in Canton, OH SERVPRO equipment at a large commercial building that had a water loss in Canton, Ohio

SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County is the team that is faster to any size disaster.

When you face damage to your commercial properties SERVPRO will be there to help. We can restore properties that have fallen to all different size water damages from floods, toilet overflows, water leaks, pipe breaks to sprinkler malfunctions. We will make it our priority to get your buildings back to working order quickly before the water damage seeps into flooring, carpets, baseboards, and walls damaging the structure of your building. SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County understands that water damage is a huge inconvenience to your business, but will work quickly so your business can get back to its normal day to day functioning. We have the equipment, training and experience to find and dry water before secondary damage set in. Fast action saves time and money, so call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County for 24/7 Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration.

SERVPRO Smoke Odor Removal Specialists

2/1/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Smoke Odor Removal Specialists Fire, Soot & Smoke Damage Home in Canton, Ohio

Smoke Odor Removal After A Fire

Unfortunately, even if you are incredibly prepared for a fire in your home it will still cause damage to your family and your home. A fire can cause structural damage and causes a number of hazards related to water damage, soot pollution and unhealthy smoke levels. In order to remove these hazards from your home smoke odor removal will have to take place.

Smoke Odor removal is a complicated process. It requires identification of the odor and it’s conditions, along with the severity of the odor. The severity of the odor depends on many factors, the most important include: size of fire, length of exposure, size of room affected, and materials that have burned. No matter the severity of the odor it is important to have it removed in an efficient manner.

The science of identifying and eliminating odors is complicated, so call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County at 330-497-4600 and we will take care of all you fire damage restoration; leaving your home like the fire never even happened.

Causes of Ice Dams to Your Roof in Massillion Ohio

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Causes of Ice Dams to Your Roof in Massillion Ohio Diagram of an ice dam.

An ice dam is a mix of ice, water, snow and heat that leads to damage of your walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas. As the temperature lowers and it begins to snow is when an ice dam starts to form. As the snow covers the roof there is an off balance of heating amongst the roof. The top portion is above 32 degrees F while the lower portion is below 32 degrees F. This unbalanced leads to an ice ridge forming at the bottom edge of the roof and prevents snow and water from draining off the roof. This can cause major damage to your home.  

To prevent ice dams from damaging your home you can take a variety of types of immediate actions and long-term actions.


  • Roof rake

Similar to a broom a roof rake can be used to remove snow from your roof.

  • Make channels

Making channels along the roof can be done by either hosing with tap water or placing a panty hose with calcium chloride in the leg. Both will create a way for water to drain off the roof instead of through your ceiling.

  • Blow in cold air

If the water is leaking through your roof place a box fan at the leak. The cold air will freeze the water in a matter of minutes and the leak will be put on hold.

Long term:

  • Make ceiling airtight

An airtight house will prevent a warm air flow from reaching your attic.

  • Increase insulation

Added insulation will cut down on heat loss and keeps the heat where it belongs.

  • Ventilate

Ventilation if done in the proper way can cause an even circulation of cold air.

  • Cap the hatch

If you have an attic hatch or a whole house fan cover it with a weatherproof cap to keep heat inside your house.

If you do have ice dam damage call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County at 330-497-4600 and we will restore and clean your property. It will be "Like it never even happened."

Five Stages of Water Damage to Commercial Properties

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Five Stages of Water Damage to Commercial Properties Air movers drying out carpeting in a commercial office building from a water loss in Massillion, Ohio.

Understanding the five stages of water damage.

Water damage can be detrimental to your business. Water damage is commonly discussed in a five stage process. Knowing the five steps is important so you can assess your damage and can call professionals before your business reaches extensive damage.

Stage one

  • The free flow of water. Due to gravity water will want to travel until it is level. Water will travel through your walls and flooring and can lead to damage. It is important to report water damage at this step to lower costs to repair your structure.

Stage two

  • Any materials in direct contact with water absorb moisture. The damage caused to these materials will continue as long as contact is maintained. The damage can be reflected as swelling, cracking or warping of furniture and other hardwood materials. To save these materials action needs to be taken before the water ruins them.

Stage three

  • High humidity damage inside the building. If moisture is not dealt with at an early stage it will continue to evaporate into the air resulting in materials such as books, paperwork, pictures and other art to be damaged. High humidity can be apparent through ceiling sagging and condensation on walls. The humidity can be revered by using high power dehumidifiers.

Stage four

  • If high humidity isn’t taken care of then the damaged materials will support the growth of microbes and fungi along with other microscopic organism. Air quality will decrease as microbial growth increases. In order to reduce the growth of microbes professionals control relative humidity, air circulation and temperature.

Stage five

  • If still left unattended microbes and microorganisms will spread to other areas that were previously unaffected. Mold, mildew, and associated odors among pathogens may spread throughout buildings. At this stage professionals and air quality contractor and professionals who will make comprehensive plans to address the spreading problem.

 If you do find yourself facing water damage at any stage call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County and they will restore you property. “Like it never even happened.” 330-497-4600

We are the Fire & Water Restoration Company to Call

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Are you ready for 2019 and all the new year will bring? SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County hopes your new year is filled with laughs and good times, but we are here and ready to help if there is an unfortunate fire or water disaster to your residential property or commercial building. Contact the team that is faster to any size disaster as we will make it our priority to restore your property. SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County is here to make things “Like it never even happened." Our crews are available 24/7 all year and are committed to help you. SERVPRO is a leader in giving control back to homeowners and property managers after the devastating effects from a pipe break, sump pump malfunction, toilet overflow, refrigerator or washing machine line break, flood or fire. If you are located in Jackson Township, Massillon, Canal Fulton, Lake Cable, Perry Heights, and Crystal Springs then we are the franchise to call. Call us when you face a disaster at 330-497-4600.

SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County Mold Removal Specialists

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County Mold Removal Specialists Mold found in a ceiling in a home in Massillion, Ohio.

Why Hire Professional Mold Removal and Remediation Services

Mold damage and growth is very common in most homes, especially if it grows undetected in hidden locations such as the basement and attic for a long time. After a water damage from a sump-pump backup, sewage backup or even a plumbing leak, or any other kind of water damage can cause excess moisture in a home or business, which may lead to mold growth. 

Mold damage from mildew and fungus can cause very smelly odor if it's left to fester for long. It is important to contact a professional in remediation services to handle all residential and commercial mold damage projects. These experts have the right deodorization tools and mold removal equipment that are necessary for getting rid of the mold completely from the property.

Benefits of hiring a mold remediation company like SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County:

Our crews will check your home or commercial building for black splotches and fungus and mildew on walls and ceilings. We have the right skills and expertise of getting the job done right the first time. Trying to perform the mold remediation yourself can be very risky to you and the occupants of the home or building. Thorough mold removal. We have the right chemicals and equipment for handling toxic mildew and fungus in a safe manner. We have the right gear to perform the deodorization processes without putting the occupants of the building affected by mold damage at risk, although mold can never be removed 100%.

It is important to identifying where the water came from that produced the mold. It came from is a waste of money and resources. Residential and commercial mold damage can be quite technical to deal with, and thus the issue should be approached carefully. The mitigation process involves playing detective in locating the source of the mold in the home. Our crews know how to distinguish the discoloration in mold infestations and common areas to check out for mold in home.

Visit for more information on mold damage or call 330-497-4600 and speak to one of our experts in mold remediation.

SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County Fire Damage Process

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County Fire Damage Process Fire Damage to a home in Canton Ohio.

What you Should Know about Fire Damage Restoration

It is important to understand the basics of fire damage restoration since fire damage can be severe and expensive to remediate and restore. Fire can be very destructive to your structure and your belongings along with the smoke that travels throughout your home and leaving soot and a strong smoke smell. This is why it is important to call a professional company to do the fire cleanup process.

Fire damage restoration process:

Emergency Restoration Company Contact – You need to always have an emergency contact of a reputable restoration company if you are to get immediate assistance. SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County 330-497-4600.

Assessment – SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County will assess the extent of fire, soot and smoke damage. We will come up with both an action plan on the fire cleanup, structural rebuild, and a quote on the duration it takes to handle the damage.

Board up and tarp services – Once the restoration process is underway, the main concern will be to prevent the damage from getting worse. SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County has a 24/7 emergency board up and roof tarp crew.

Clean up – After the fire, your property will look charred, stained, and dark as a result of soot damage and our crews will clean and restore your home, so it looks as normal as possible. During the fire cleanup exercise, we will get rid of smoke smell that lingers from the fire.

Repair and renovation – After the cleanup is completed the restoration begins to make structural repairs, painting, repairing and/or rebuilding.  

Visit for more information on fire damage.

Clogged gutters During Winter Months can be Hazardous to you Home in Canton, Ohio

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Clogged gutters During Winter Months can be Hazardous to you Home in Canton, Ohio Northwest Stark County crews available 24/7/365!

So how often should you clean your gutters? It is recommended that you clean your gutters AT LEAST twice a year! SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County is called out to do water cleanup and/or mold mitigation in basements because of clogged gutters in the Canton, Ohio area. The reason we have gutters on your home is to guide the heavy rain to the downspouts and away from your home. When working properly gutters are very effective at doing their job. If a gutter gets clogged up by dust, leaves, dirt, and other outside debris, it can stop or slow the drainage off your roof, causing more damage than you may know.  

The importance of cleaning the gutters is to protect your roofs, siding and foundations to your home. Clogged gutters have a tendency to become over-weighted with slow moving water, soiled dirt, leaves, and ice (in the winter months).  If your gutters are clogged the water still needs to go somewhere, so it finds its way down the back of your siding causing the wood to rot and form mold. It can also flow over the sides of the gutter and pool around the foundation. Over time the water can crack the foundation and potentially resulting in water to your basement and usually foundation issues are not covered by insurance making it very costly to you.

Clogged gutters during the winter months can create many hazards. Ice can collect around the gutter discharge making for a slippage hazard in walkways. Ice can also back-up in a clogged gutter, causing ice build-up that fills the gutter and prevents proper flow of melting snow. This snow melt then turns to ice on the roof and continues to build ‘up’ with nowhere else to go. Built-up ice on the roof can cause leaking into the interior of the house as it starts to melt. Please be safe when cleaning out your gutters. If you do end up with water damage or mold to your home, please contact SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County at 330-497-4600. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service, and we are equipped to deal with any size disaster.

SERVPRO of Northwest Stark Fire Damage Services for Canton and Massillion Businesses

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO of Northwest Stark Fire Damage Services for Canton and Massillion Businesses SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County is your professional fire damage restoration company!

When your commercial property in Massillion or Canton area properties have been damaged by a fire it is important to get the clean up and repairs done quickly and efficiently. It is important to keep your business operations downtime to the minimum. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County to help cleanup and restore your workplace.

The first thing that happens after your call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County, our estimators, assess the damaged area and figures out the work that needs to be accomplished. The fire not only leaves being burned damage to the structure and all the business contents, but sometimes the smoke and the water used to put out the flames will ruin other areas of the building.

SERVPRO will cleanup and restore all areas, but sometimes the fire damage is so extensive that it may require us remove damaged structure and contents. We can remove walls, ceilings and flooring that has been damaged by smoke and/or water. If the damaged isn’t as extensive in other areas of the building we also have the equipment and training to have the carpeting, business fixtures, and upholstered surfaces cleaned. We also can reconstruct and rebuild any areas that have been burned by the fire

When your business has suffered from a fire, you will have to figure out what steps need to get done to get your property repaired and operations back up and running. When you call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County you will be calling a restoration company that has the skills and experience to handle all aspects of the repair process from the first assessment to the final walk-through.

SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County offers professional fire damage repair services for commercial properties, and we are the local company that you trust to respond to requests for emergency services 24/7/365. Call us today at 330-467-4600.

Flooding in Canton, Ohio?

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flooding in Canton, Ohio? Canton home with water damage due to flooding in their basement.

Are you ready for when the heavy rains come?

Many times, throughout the year a flash flood watch or waring has been issued by the National Weather Service in Stark County, Ohio. A flash flood is extremely heavy rainfall from thunderstorms. When significant rainfall happens, it can produce 3-5 inches of water in a short amount of time.  When that amount of rain falls water begins to rise in rivers and streams and widespread flooding can occur. Flash flooding occurs very quickly and can happen anywhere.  People are usually caught off-guard and in certain areas the situation may become dangerous if they encounter high, fast moving water while traveling. If people are at their homes or businesses, the water may rise quickly and trap them. It can also cause damage to the property without having a chance to protect their property.  If your property does require storm damage restoration due to flooding, call SERVPRO of Northwest Stark County for 24 Hour emergency services.