Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Basement in NW Stark County

Basements seem to always find a way to get wet. Whether it be from a water heater or broken overhead pipe we do a lot of work in basements. In order to help the... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Wood Floors

Water damage can be devastating especially for wood floors. Wood is very porous but usually soaks up the water that has made it through the cracks. The finish o... READ MORE

Jackson Township Kitchen Flooding

These poor homeowners woke up to big problem. They came downstairs hoping to make breakfast but instead had to call SERVPRO of NW Stark County to mitigate their... READ MORE

Kitchen rebuild after water damage

After a pipe broke in this kitchen the SERVPRO team removed the laminate tiles in order to dry the subfloor. The first picture shows the drying process of the c... READ MORE

1st Floor Hallway Clean up

These are water damage before and after pictures of an entryway that we cleaned up and dried in Stark County. The washing machine hose broke causing all these s... READ MORE

Basement Bathroom

A bathroom basement had water damage from an above floor water loss. We had to demo the walls and floors to the studs due to it being a class 3 water damage. T... READ MORE