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The Benefits of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

The Benefits of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

All of the hurricanes in the news lately have focused many homeowners on the subject of storm damage remediation. The flooding and wind damage resulting from these storms take a terrible toll on a house. Roof damage is an extremely common form of hurricane damage and can end up requiring extensive roof repair. Some people are also in the unfortunate situation of living in flood zones near rivers, and persistent rain storms can cause river flooding that can inundate basements and cause any flood pump you may have to work overtime. Then there is the approach of cold weather as winter gets ever closer and the attendant ice damage, frozen pipes and ice damming that occurs as a result of a fierce snowstorm.

As a homeowner, it is important to understand something about the process of storm remediation. It's also critical to understand that home restoration can be a complicated process depending on the extent of the storm damage especially if it involves roof repair, flood water, hail damage, ice damming, frozen pipes or other ice damage. Professional help is typically going to be required for storm restoration in general and water restoration in particular.

Home restoration professionals have the skills and equipment needed to complete a thorough storm restoration that brings a homeowners house back to the way it was before the storm. A house is one of the biggest investments most people will ever have, and a roof leak or flooding in the basement or other parts of the home from ground water or hurricane damage will cause additional damage over time if it's not handled promptly.

Flooding caused by a hurricane or by a local river flooding over its banks can inundate a home quickly. A water restoration professional has the flood pump equipment that can remove it quickly. They also have what's needed for mold and mildew removal and remediation, which is one of the lingering issues with flooding. They can then do air quality testing and moisture testing to ensure the air is clear and that the job is done. When you factor in having to buy a flood pump or two at a local home supply store and the myriad of other equipment needed to effect a complete home restoration, it can be far less expensive to hire a professional to do the storm remediation.

Wind damage is a particularly common type of hurricane damage and can also be prevalent after a blizzard. Damage to trees can occur, which may jeopardize a home. A professional home restoration company can remove any damaged trees too close to a home before they topple over and damage it. Ice damming is a pernicious form of ice damage that results when ice builds up at the base of a roof, generally in and around the gutters, that blocks the flow of water off the roof. This ice dam will cause roof damage that will likely result in a roof leak if it isn't handled quickly.

Many storm restoration companies include furniture, document and electronics restoration as part of a storm remediation. Flood water is equally destructive to the possessions in a home as it is to the home itself. Whether it's a result of ground water seeping into a basement or river flooding or a roof leak, there's few things as damaging as flood water getting into a home. Hardly any homeowners will have the knowledge and flood pump equipment that a water restoration and storm damage remediation expert will have to get a home back in shape.

One big benefit of going with a storm restoration contractor to handle hurricane damage, river flooding, ground water seepage, hail damage, wind damage or an ice dam is the value of your time. Even if some homeowners felt able to take on such a job themselves, it would probably take weeks to complete even a mildly extensive storm damage remediation, wind damage repair, or flood water restoration project. This time spent on storm damage remediation is time off work, which costs additional money to the homeowner. Additionally, a complete home restoration may involve tasks such as roof repair, fixing frozen pipes and handling an ice dam and any other ice damage as well as fixing hail damage. This means going up ladders to fix the roof leak, remove the ice dam and handling any other roof damage. Some people may not be physically up to that or might consider it too risky.

Roof repair and fixing frozen pipes are particularly tricky for a lay person to handle. Plumbing and roof damage repair are tasks best left to professionals when it comes to storm remediation. They are also adept at doing an inspection beforehand and locating issues such as hail damage and ice damming that will need rectifying. When a homeowner finds their house filled with flood water, whether it's flood water from a storm or ground water, they should do themselves a favor, and let a professional handle it.
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